Intermediate Chorus

Intermediate Chorus (IC)
Approximate Ages 9 - 11

Intermediate Chorus (IC)
Grades 4 - 7

This Chorus provides choristers with the solid vocal, drama and ear training required for success in the Principal Chorus. The session follows the school year.  Late entry is possible at certain times of year - contact us for more information.

Curriculum at the Intermediate Chorus level:

  • Provide mastery of basic rudiments including clefs, key signatures, basic tempo, and style indications through class introduction and occasional homework exercise.
  • Develop the ability to sight-sing simple music.
  • Explore harmony with 2-part and simple 3-part choral singing.
  • Clarify and connection of breathing and good vocal technique.
  • Introduce singing in two or more languages in addition to English.
  • Reinforce good singing posture.
  • Present the basics of independent dramatic character development.
  • Provide an opportunity to participate a 20-minute fully staged opera/musical production.
  • Provide experience performing some professional engagements on behalf of the CCOC.
  • Provide positive performance experiences both as an autonomous group and alongside other divisions of the CCOC.

 Every two weeks students receive 3 hours of instruction, generally comprised of: 

  • a 1 ¼ hour large group instructional (full chorus)
  • a ¾ hour sectional (half chorus)
  • a ¾ hour drama instruction (half chorus)
  • a ¼ hour of ear training instruction

Rehearsal time: 1 ½ hours weekly

The Intermediate Chorus participates each season in a winter and spring concert, and alongside the Principal Chorus in a fully staged annual main stage opera production.  During the season they will also have several other performance opportunities. 

A one-day team-building music and drama camp is held in September, and is mandatory for all members.