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Intermediate Chorus

Intermediate Chorus (IC)
Approximate Grades 4 - 7


Mondays 5:30 - 7:15 p.m.

Instruction at the IC level aims to:

  • Provide mastery of basic rudiments including clefs, key signatures, and basic tempo and style indications through class instruction and occasional homework exercises
  • Develop the ability to sight-sing simple music
  • Explore harmony with 2-part and simple 3-part choral singing
  • Clarify the connection of breathing and good vocal technique
  • Introduce singing in two or more languages in addition to English
  • Reinforce good singing posture
  • Present the basics of independent dramatic character development
  • Offer experience as the lead participants in a 30-40 minute staged musical work
  • Provide positive performance experiences both as an autonomous group and alongside other divisions of the CCOC


In every two weeks, students receive 4 hours of instruction, including approximately:

  • 2 hours of chorus music instruction
  • 1 hour of drama instruction
  • 1 hour of class music literacy and vocal technique instruction

Rehearsal time: 2 hours weekly




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