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Apprentice Chorus

Apprentice Chorus (AC)
Approximate Grades 2 - 4

The Apprentice Chorus rehearses once a week on Mondays from 4:30 - 6:00 pm.  This Chorus provides the children with vocal, drama, solfege, and theory training in preparation for advancement to Intermediate Chorus.  Dramatic training is also provided with a drama coach. 


Instruction at the AC level aims to:

  • Teach rudiments of music notation through class instruction and occasional homework exercises
  • Develop the ability to follow and learn from notated music
  • Develop a ringing tone and good basic vocal technique
  • Continue work on responding to pitch and rhythm through response exercises
  • Discover part singing through use o­­f simple canons and rounds and through singing with older divisions of the CCOC
  • Provide knowledge of basic drama techniques
  • Develop good singing posture
  • Offer the opportunity to develop and perform a short staged production with choral singing and dialogue
  • Provide positive performance experiences both as an autonomous group and alongside other divisions of the CCOC

In every two weeks, students receive 160 minutes of instruction, including approximately:

  • 110 minutes of music instruction
  • 40 minutes of drama instruction
  • 10 minutes of class music theory instruction

Rehearsal times:  80 minutes weekly                            Grades 2-4 [approximate]


Day Camp: AC and IC members will benefit from approximately 4 hours of music, drama and theory instruction in the fall.  The camp provides the choristers with a chance to make friends and get a head start on the concepts and repertoire to be learned throughout the year.

Performance: The Apprentice Chorus participates each season in a winter and spring concert, and in the junior division staged opera. They also appear in the fully staged annual opera production.   During the season they will have other performance opportunities.