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Tuition, Fees, and Bursaries



How much does it cost to join the CCOC?

Chorus/Division**  Total Membership Tuition for the 20/21 season
Butterfly Chorus (JK to SK*)  $580
Ruby Chorus (Gr. 1 to 2)  $790
Apprentice Chorus (Gr. 2 to 4)  $955
Intermediate Chorus (Gr. 4 to 7)  $1145
Principal Chorus (Gr. 6 to 10)  $1505
Youth Chorus (Gr. 10 and up, and for boys with changed voices)  $995

*Please note that children are assigned to a chorus based on skill level and not by age. However, these are the approximate age ranges of the choristers currently in each chorus.
**A $25.00 discount per chorister is offered to families who register more than one chorister per season.

Understanding that the pandemic has impacted families in many different ways, we are committed to working with you to remove any financial barriers to your child’s participation.


Are there any additional fees?

In addition to the tuition, there are some small fees for activities, materials, and uniform attire.

  CCOC Black Shirt Sight Singing: Full Voice Workbook I* Sight singing: Full Voice Workbook 1* Sight singing: Full Voice Workbook 2 Camps/Retreat
Butterfly Chorus $20 - - - -

Ruby Chorus

$20 $20 - - -
Apprentice Chorus $20 - $20 - -
Intermediate Chorus $20 - - $20 TBD
Principal Chorus $20 - - - TBD
Youth Chorus $20 - - - TBD

4 choristers waiting for music practice

*Ruby Chorus uses Workbook I and Apprentice Chorus uses Workbook 1

Note: Plans for 20/21 retreats and camps are currently being developed. Fees are currently TBD.


Depending on the nature of an event, choristers may be asked to wear the CCOC black shirt (less formal) or a more formal attire. Additional formal uniform requirements, which are either loaned from the CCOC or would need to be provided by choristers (e.g. white collared shirt, black pants,) include:

  Loaned from CCOC Provided by Chorister
Butterfly Chorus n/a Black dress pants/skirt, black dress shoes, black socks/stockings
Ruby Chorus n/a Black dress pants/skirt, black dress shoes, black socks/stockings
Apprentice Chorus n/a Black dress pants/skirt, black dress shoes, black socks/stockings
Intermediate Chorus n/a Black dress pants/skirt, black dress shoes, black socks/stockings
Principal Chorus Tunic (ladies), Sweater Vest (gents), Red ties (loaned at performances only) White collared shirt, black dress pants (gents), Black dress shoes, black socks/stockings
Youth Chorus n/a Black dress shirt, Black dress pants/long formal skirt, black dress shoes, black socks/stockings


What about fundraising commitments?

The CCOC is a registered charitable organization that requires annual funding to support its programs. Although tuition covers approximately 30% of our annual budget, the CCOC must secure additional funding to help continue its work. Parents and choristers are encouraged and expected to participate in our annual fundraising efforts. Your participation allows us to broaden our reach and touch new donors and build awareness about the organization and our talented choristers.


Do you offer financial assistance or bursaries?

The CCOC is proud to maintain a Bursary Fund to which families may apply for financial assistance. Bursaries are awarded based on a combination of financial need, artistic ability, and expressed interest and ability to commit to the CCOC’s activities. Applications are assessed by the Bursary Committee which meets in prior to the beginning of each season, and as needed throughout the year. Email for more information or call (416) 366-0467 if you would like to inquire about our bursary program.




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