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Become a Partner of the CCOC

  • Partner with an almost 50-year-old Canadian institution.
  • Become part of a community that includes thousands of alumni, audiences, outreach participants, and current members.
  • Help provide life-changing training and personal experience for children and youth from every demographic.  Studies show children who are choristers have better academic and life skills[1]
  • Studies show that the arts provide solid economic benefits to local businesses through added tourism and spending, community building, and long term, through better training of youth.  The creative sector’s contribution to the Ontario GDP is greater than that of the energy industry, and the agriculture, forestry and mining sectors combined.[2] 
  • Arts are supported by Torontonians - ­71% of Torontonians believe the arts improves quality of life, 74% say they benefit the community and 70% regularly participate in the arts[3]
  • Address a need in the community.  Declining funding for the arts in public schools have left a gap that many parents are not able to fill by themselves.

[1] The Chorus Impact Study: How Children, Adults and Communities Benefit from Choruses,” Chorus America, 2009.

[2] “Ontario’s Entertainment & Creative Cluster: A Framework for Growth,” The Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Ontario, 2010.

[3] “Bringing the City Alive: A Survey of Arts in the GTA,” Leger and Toronto Arts Foundation, 2014.