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Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Canadian Children's Opera Company is a world-class ensemble that introduces the magic of opera to children and youth through professional musical and dramatic education and the performance of established and newly commissioned operatic and choral repertoire.


  1. To produce professional-level operas and choral concerts, performed by children and youth
  2. To provide formative life skills through comprehensive musical and dramatic education to children and youth, regardless of socioeconomic background
  3. To foster a lifelong enjoyment of the arts in children and youth
  4. To introduce young audiences to storytelling through opera, and general audiences to the unique art form of children’s opera
  5. To commission operatic and choral repertoire for children and youth by leading Canadian and international artists
  6. To represent the diversity of the community in our choruses, our repertoire and the organization
  7. To foster an inclusive and supportive culture in our learning and performance environments, and in engaged member and alumni communities
  8. To build successful community support and sustained growth through exemplary governance, management, volunteer and staff development and innovative partnerships

Core Values

  1. The CCOC is committed to providing transformative experiences with the arts to children and youth, regardless of socio-economic background, gender or race.  Outreach and bursary programs are an essential part of the organization’s activities.
  2. The CCOC is committed to the art of storytelling using a combination of all the arts, regardless of musical style, culture, or period. 
  3. The CCOC is committed to creating new works and productions that engage modern children and youth by telling stories that have social import and relevance.
  4. The CCOC sustains its unique position in the children’s choral community through combining dramatic and narrative elements in performance.   This allows for a more emotional and engaging connection to the materials far beyond what is normally experienced in a choral environment. 

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