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Pay for your everyday purchases with gift cards bought from FundScrip and a percentage of every purchase will benefit the CCOC!

Check out the number of retailers who participate - you’ll be surprised how many there are to choose from.

There are 2 ways to take advantage of this fundraising opportunity:

  1. Purchase gift cards in lieu of presents for family and friends
  2. Purchase gift cards for your daily use at regular retailers (ie. groceries, coffee, gasoline, etc…)

Imagine if everyone in our group did this… by paying for your groceries and gas with gift cards you can easily generate $25 every month for our group – that’s $300 a year!

  • It doesn’t cost you anything extra
  • You won’t have to change where you shop or what you buy
  • Your everyday purchases add up to make a difference

Remember, this important fundraising program allows you to help the CCOC WITHOUT spending any additional funds!  All cash-card purchases generate a percentage for the CCOC at no cost to you, and money raised for the CCOC counts toward your fundraising requirements. 

Getting Started - You can sign up and get yourself ready for online ordering here:  Use Invitation code E5H7TV when creating your account.  You will then be asked to confirm your registration e-mail and you will be ready to go!  Once you are confirmed, log in, and you will be asked for some more information and then you can start browsing to select the Gift Cards from Vendors you typically purchase from.

Shipping options - CCOC members can choose hold for pickup to have your cards delivered to you at rehearsal for no cost.  You may also choose direct mail to have them delivered directly to an address of your choosing, but you will pay for the postage.

Payment options - There are two convenient options - online bill payment (pay 3 days before the order deadline to ensure processing) and Interac.  Whatever you choose, you will need to complete the payment before the site will process your order.  EFT is a possibility, but requires filling out a paper application and sending a void cheque.  Please avoid using credit cards, as the merchant bank fee significantly reduces the earnings to the CCOC (eg.  a purchase that donates 5% first subtracts the credit card fee, yielding between 0 and 1% to CCOC).

If you have any questions, please e-mail for more information.




BINGO – Rama Gaming House – Toronto East 

Enjoy meeting new people, chatting with others, being helpful, and knowing that your time is helping to raise money for the CCOC? Then we want you!

The CCOC is pleased to be a partner in the Bingo Program with the OLG, City of Toronto, and The Rama Gaming House – Toronto East. With the support of this program, the CCOC can raise much needed community funds to support its programs and services. But we can do it without you!

To enable us to be successful in this Bingo Program, we need reliable volunteers, ages, 18 and older, who live in Central or East Toronto to help us.

As a volunteer, you will be required to attend one Bingo session every one or two months. Each session lasts 3 hours. The Bingo schedule is shared every quarter and you will be asked to sign up for sessions according to your availability. Volunteers work in teams of two and each will be provided with a CCOC t-shirt and badge as part of of your bingo uniform. All volunteers are required to attend a one-time training session prior to beginning their volunteering.

Your primary role as a Bingo Ambassador is to greet/welcome guests/players who attend the Bingo event.

Other duties include: engaging players in a conversation about the charity; providing some player support if required; and, maintaining the overall orderliness/cleanliness of the Bingo hall.

Interested? Want to learn more?

Contact Anna Pileggi at





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