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How will the CCOC benefit my child?

As Canada’s only permanent children’s opera company that commissions and produces operas for children on a regular basis, your child will have a truly unique opportunity to apply their musical and dramatic education. They will sing music suited to the developing voice, build self-esteem, nurture their love for music, and have opportunities to perform with leading professional music groups and ensembles.

But even more than that:

  • Kids love to mix songs and stories! Most children’s presentations in TV, film and theatre are narrated with music.  The unique balance between music and drama activities at CCOC brings the fun of storytelling into the music, and the magic of music into our stories. 
  • We are training for the future – not instant gratification:  the training program is grounded in healthy, sustainable technique and real performance and music skills.  Every role is earned.
  • We provide life-changing performance opportunities that kids simply can’t get anywhere else.
  • We actively encourage diverse applicants from all socio-economic backgrounds - financial aid is available to applicants if needed.
  • Arts are good training – Arts education teaches skills that provide a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.  82% of participants in structured music programs graduated high school, compared to 68% of those who do not[1].



How does CCOC benefit the community?

  • Art unites – Help bring together children, youth, and their families from every part of the socio-economic spectrum to build a strong cross-cultural community
  • Art helps – At-risk students who got involved in arts programs perform better in school[2]
  • Art stimulates – arts programming stimulates local businesses.





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