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Auditions - What to Expect


CCOC auditions are low-key, learning experiences - think of them as a short lesson.  

The most important thing to show us is that you are able to listen and learn!

Do all Choruses require auditions?

Except for the Butterfly Chorus, admission to the CCOC is by audition only.  Placement is at the sole discretion of CCOC staff.

When are auditions?

Auditions are held in spring for the September to May season, and in late August for anyone unable to attend the spring auditions.  Additional auditions are held in January for those interested in joining during the spring term, and by appointment during the rest of the year.

Does it cost to audition?

No.  Your first auditions is offered for free, without any obligation to join. Rescheduled or repeated auditions may be assessed a small charge.

Where do auditions take place?

They take place in our rehearsal facility at 175 St. Clair West (at Avenue Road).

How long is an audition?

Auditions take approximately 10 - 15 minutes. 

How do I book an audition for my child?

Auditions are by appointment.  Please fill in the Online Application Form when you are ready to get started!

How does my child get involved in the productions?

Our productions are only open to members of the CCOC. Roles and solos in CCOC productions and participation in extra performances (such as selection for Canadian Opera Company productions) are determined by internal auditions.

What are the audition requirements?

Audition requirements for the Youth and Principal Chorus:

Audition requirements for the Intermediate and Apprentice Chorus:

  • At least one musical selection. Folk or classical is preferable - O Canada is also a good choice
  • One of the instructors will accompany you if you have printed music with you
  • One short spoken dramatic selection. For example, 4 lines of a poem or nursery rhyme.  You may also be asked to read a few lines of new material.
  • Auditionees will be asked to sing ear tests such as singing back intervals and melodies, and clapping back rhythms
  • Auditionees will be asked to sight-sing
  • There will be a short written evaluation of theory level for purposes of internal placement. If you have never taken theory, you will learn it with the chorus


Audition requirements for the Ruby Chorus:

  • At least one simple song of your choice, for example: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • One of the instructors can accompany you if you have printed music with you
  • One short spoken dramatic selection. For example, 4 lines of a poem or nursery rhyme
  • Auditionees will be asked to do some echo singing and clap rhythms.

Audition requirements for the Butterfly Chorus:

  • No audition is required.


To apply for admission and arrange for an audition Online Application Form today.  

Contact the CCOC office at 416-366-0467 or email if you have any questions.




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